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3D HD Integrated Mapping & Surveying Solution Unveiled for UAVs

Polynesian Exploration has announced the release of PolyScanner, a high-performance, compact integrated solution for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) 3D HD mapping and surveying.

The system features dual frequency dual antenna GNSS INS, a high level of integration and a compact, robust design. The next generation long-range LiDAR and industry-grade global shutter camera provide superior performance in comparison with rolling shutter cameras commonly used in mapping and GIS equipment. The PolyScanner system is supported by post-processing software suite which generates high accuracy true colored point cloud data.

With a LiDAR detection range of up to 260 m and a camera resolution of 8.9 MP, the system is designed to be quickly integrated with an existing UAV. It is also available as part of PolyMapper, a complete solution bundled with a DJI Matrice 600 commercial drone.


The POLYSCANNER system also includes:

HD CAMERA w/Global ShutterDual RTK INS/GNSS with centimeter-level accuracyFUSION Board w/ ARM, and memoryPoint cloud post-processing software suite

The onboard fusion computer is tightly coupled with the precision GNSS/INS system, allowing creation of a single raw data file from both LiDAR and camera sensors inputs, which are time- and geo-tagged. The data can be post-processed by 3rd party software. Polynesian Exploration provides a full set of software to generate highly accurate, true color point cloud data.

The embedded GNSS/INS provides centimeter-level accuracy location and high precision attitude. The precision inertial sensors allow the system to successfully maintain position during GNSS outages while going under bridges, inside tunnels or during similar signal obstructions.



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