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PolyExplore Inc, and VAAVA SimuLABS (P) Ltd,announces strategic supplier agreement

Both companies are excited to announce the signing of a supplier agreement between VAAVA SimuLABS Private Limited ( located in Edakkara, Malappuram District in Kerala, India developing and promoting wide range of Technology Products for Various Industries using its proprietary Image Recognition Algorithms & extended Computer Vision Capabilities for the global market and PolyExplore Inc. ( located in Silicon Valley CA, developing precision GNSS/INS navigation solutions (PolyNav2000S displayed) and Aerial & Mobile HD Mapping Solutions. This opportunity opens a whole range of integration options for unmanned surveys in hard-to-reach areas.

Some of the new products now available to VAAVA SimuLABS are the family of PolyNav2000P; H S, and F, dual-GNSS aided INS solution for small-boat hydrographic surveys, as well as complete Mobile and Aerial HD Mapping Systems such as the Polyscanner and PolyMapper HD Mapping Systems from Polyexplore Inc. These complete mapping Systems include the GNSS/INS, Lidar, Camera, GPU, Storage plus Sensor fusion software.

VAAVA SimuLABS has built a network of partnerships with leading technology companies, Research & Development Establishments for advanced high performance & computational hardware & cloud systems for competitive & accurate solution development. VAAVA SimuLABS also brings in several pioneers (both inland & overseas) and other industry experts for brainstorming & knowledge based interactive sessions for reinforcing domain knowledge.

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