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New Large-Scale HD Mobile Mapping Solution Introduced

PolyExplore Inc. has introduced the POLYMAPPER HD, a complete solution for high-precision large-scale mobile mapping. The system includes a millimetre-accurate high-density LiDAR scanner, PolyExplore’s tactical-grade PolyNav 2000 PPK/RTK GNSS/INS, industrial cameras with global shutters, and a high definition odometer.

The Polymapper HD maintains superior accuracy even when static or in urban canyons and tunnels. The system also provides precision time synchronization during the GNSS outages. The system’ quad constellation, dual antenna, dual-frequency GNSS receiver supports multiple correction services, both real-time and post-processing. The high-end MEMS or optional FOG IMUs maintain ultra-accurate pose.

PolyExplore’s proprietary PolyFusion technology encompasses the unique sensor calibration procedure, the mechanical system design, including a shock-absorbing mounting platform and post-processing sensor fusion software.

A spokesperson for PolyExplore commented: “The well-tuned technology ensures much higher system performance than the competition with similarly performing sensors.

All POLYMAPPER HD systems are provided fully assembled, factory calibrated, and ready for immediate use.



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