Polynesian Exploration Inc. founded in 2016 in Silicon Valley with the goal of providing high-precision, low-cost navigation solutions to emerging technologies such as autonomous driving, sailing, and flying, as well as to support and fuel the rapid expansion of the existing precise navigation applications. We believe that the power of science and technology will bring today's lab projects into the mainstream of tomorrow. Our focus is on rapidly transforming innovative ideas into products and services.


  Polynesian Exploration Inc. serves a diverse and rapidly growing group of customers ranging from Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 500 companies. The overall value, as well as performance, service, and reliability, make Polynesian Exploration a leading supplier of navigation solutions.


  The company name came from our fascination by the ancient Polynesians wayfinding their way over thousands of miles of open seas, long before modern navigation tools and techniques invented. We want our skills and technology to be a part of new modern-day explorations and discoveries.


Polynesian Exploration Inc. 




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Polynesian Exploration Inc.

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