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Autonomous Driving 

Autonomouse Driving

The next generation of autonomous systems such as self-driving cars will need much more accurate and reliable navigation solutions than those traditionally available. Meanwhile, large volume autonomous systems require a solution that is available at an affordable price range and sensors ready for mass production. The products provided by PolyExplore are based on mass production devices. Our tightly-coupled solution has been proven to provide substantial aid in tough conditions, such as GNSS-denied environments.

Aerial Survey 

UAV, Drones, Mapping

Accurate position, velocity, and attitude information is critical to execute a safe flight for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The velocity and attitude (vehicle’s pitch, roll, and yaw angles) information enable stable flight dynamics of UAVs. . The position information provides the possibility for all kinds of motion/path planning, including no-flight/danger zones, for autonomous flight missions. The high performance and cost-effective navigation solutions provided by PolyExplore allow smarter navigation features and safer maneuvers.

HD Mapping

Mapping, Geodesics

With the development of digital mapping technology, maps have become essential tools in daily life. In aerial mapping, the required number of ground control points (GCPs) has been reduced by the integration of an inertial navigation system (INS) and the global navigation satellite system (GNSS).  To support autonomous driving, 3D maps with centimeter-level accuracy, known as high-definition (HD) maps, are required. Such a map is generated by multiple sensors working together, as there is no single sensor that can create accurate 3D maps in all environments, especially in urban canyons.

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