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RTK Algorithms Engineer

​San Jose, CA



  • Participate in the design of our high precision RTK/PPP software with the dual-band carrier phase measurements from our GNSS receiver;

  • Analyze and evaluate the carrier phase measurements from our GNSS receiver for high precision applications;

  • Develop and verify the algorithms that are needed for applying the carrier phase measurements for high precision applications;

  • Draft technical reports for work progress;



  • Experience developing RTK (Real Time Kinematic), PPP (Precise Point Positioning), or related precision positioning technologies

  • Hands-on experience of Kalman Filter and Least Squares in navigation;

  • In-depth knowledge of different error sources and modeling in GNSS raw measurements

  • In-depth knowledge of satellite dynamics, satellite precise orbit and clock;

  • In-depth knowledge of state-of-the-art ionosphere modeling and the impact on carrier phase integer ambiguity resolution; 

  • Proficiency in C/C++, Matlab and Python programming ​

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