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Job Title


Mapping Algorithm Design Engineer

​San Jose, CA


  • Under supervision, design data processing algorithms to generate 3D point cloud maps using sensor data from the company’s mobile mapping systems

  • Design algorithms to improve mobile mapping under weak GPS signals, including using LiDAR-based SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) algorithms and performing feature matching and trajectory update

  • Design calibration algorithms for camera and LiDAR sensors and perform calibration

  • Select and evaluate various models of lenses, imaging sensors, and LiDAR sensors, based on different applications and requirements

  • Manage the development of the company's aerial mapping devices, including monitoring mechanical design and assembly, ensuring stable firmware operation, and improving the data collection scheme

  • Develop tools to assess the functionality of the company's mobile mapping devices, including detection of time synchronization failure and sensor data loss, and analysis of LiDAR point intensity distribution

  • Conduct ground survey to evaluate the performance the company's mobile mapping systems and the accuracy of corresponding point cloud maps

  • Develop graphical user interfaces for various software products of the company

  • Provide detailed documentation on the company's products and software



  • MS in Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technology, or Mechanical Engineering and Automation

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