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Job Title


Legal Compliance Manager


​San Jose, CA

Primary Responsibilities: 


  • Ensure compliance with national and international regulations governing the industry, including but not limited to safety regulations, environmental regulations, customs regulations, and international trade sanctions

  • Develop and maintain policies of the conduct for the company and its activities to prevent illegal or improper conduct, ensuring compliance with national and international regulations governing the industry

  • Identify legal risks associated with the company’s operations and provide strategies to mitigate those risks

  • Ensure compliance with international trade laws, such as customs regulations, export controls, and trade sanctions imposed by various countries or international organizations

  • Assist with corporate transactions, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and partnerships within the industry

  • Collaborate with outside lawyers, managing legal disputes and claims, which may include engaging in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation to protect the company’s interests

  • Collaborate with HR, ensuring the company’s compliance with federal and state labor laws and immigration laws

  • Collaborate with other departments of the company to direct legal and compliance issues to appropriate existing channels for investigation and resolution as needed




  • Master’s degree in Business Administration, Law, or a closely related field


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